Here you can download lastest version of JMC, and also other older versions, if you like.

  1. JMC

    downloads:   10907

    1. #logadd command fixed
    2. ticker window is now first in status bar
    3. #unsubstitute command works again
    4. language.ini now has default 'English' section

  2. JMC 3.5 beta

    downloads:   3241


    ./help  —  texts for #help command
    jmc.exe  —  jmc itself.
    ttcoreex.dll, recore.dll, MSPDB60.dll  —  program's libraries.
    language.ini  —  language preferences for ttcore messages.
    ttcore.bat  —  registers DLL library with Scripts Objects. Required to run before playing (PC reboot might be required)
    ttcore.reg  —  registry file to register scripts object in system, required to be run too (PC reboot also might be required)
    whatsnew.txt  —  what is new in this version (also see "New" section of website)

  3. JMC 3.5 pre-beta

    downloads:   2908


  4. JMC 3.28.18

    downloads:   2837

    Added: #grab, #abort
    Removed: #wt
    Changed: #loop, #?

  5. JMC 3.28.17

    downloads:   2665

    Additional output windows cut off. Version for testing other innovations.

  6. JMC 3.28.13b

    downloads:   2808

    One of early alpha-versions.

  7. JMC 3.27 rus

    downloads:   2899

    Version 3.27, previous version of JMC, russian language. Once it lived at

  8. JMC 3.27  rus  src

    downloads:   3427

    Sources of JMC 3.27, given to us by the author of 3.27. Thanks to them we now got 3.5 ver.

  9. JMC Eng Manual

    downloads:   2997

    Currently it is most full manual for JMC, but it's still only for ver 3.27. Help in updating it to 3.5 is welcomed.

  10. JMC 3.26 + Fix

    downloads:   2983

    Version 3.26 + hotfix. Oldest version I've found.

  11. mcclient 0.4

    downloads:   2881

    Mud Client Compression Protocol - the proxy/client for compression of transferred/transmitted data. Instructions included.